“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

In case you are new to racing like I am, the title for this post is what someone famous says at the beginning of a NASCAR race. Immediately after this exciting exclamatory sentence, the drivers follow directions and actually start their engines. Catch the next race in the Sprint Cup Series Sunday at 2pm and welcome to my blog!

Did you know NASCAR fans are supposed to have a favorite driver? I would love to hear the reason why you picked your favorite driver in the comments below.

(Quick! Pick someone from this list if you don’t have a favorite driver yet!)

Chase Elliot is my favorite driver  because he was a new driver in 2016, which means he is new like me. He also has a cool first name that reminds me to chase after Jesus. Elliot is competing with all of the other first year drivers to be called “Rookie of the Year.” It’s a big deal. Just look on Wikipedia.

I’m a rookie to a lot of things this year: NASCAR racing, a new church, and eating gluten-free. My amazing boyfriend is on this journey with me. He took the sweet photo of the tires for this post and I’m sure you will hear more about him in future posts.

I hope you will tune in to this blog regularly to hear my progress as a rookie!

Be blessed!



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