WARNING: Do not eat crackers in bed.

If you ever have eaten crackers in bed, you will understand that they are just too crumbly and are much better suited for eating on a couch or at the table. My dad had a sign that said “WARNING: DO NOT EAT CRACKERS IN BED” growing up. Today I have this weathered cardboard sign proudly displayed in my apartment, because I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the world with this sign. Prove me wrong in the comments.

Before going gluten-free one of my favorite snacks was saltine crackers. I would buy the unsalted ones from Save-A-Lot. They were cheap, not too unhealthy, and a fabulous individual holders for olives, pepperoni, jam, cheese (I love cheese!), and peanut butter on the way to my mouth.

In my short quest for cheap, saltine-like, gluten-free crackers I purchased a box of Crunchmaster crackers at Wegmans. Unfortunately, they have flax seed in them and if WordPress had a poop emoji I would add it here. If I can eat them, my next purchase will focus more on flavor instead of cost effectiveness. If you have any suggestions for the crackers I am looking for, please share in the comments!!!

In the gluten-free game, I’m still at LEVEL 1:CLEANING OUT THE CUPBOARDS. If you are a local reader and would like free partial bags of flour, brownie mix, spiral pasta, spaghetti, cheerios, saltine crackers, whole wheat bagels, or hot dog buns, comment below and I will deliver!

Image from https://pixabay.com/en/food-eat-diet-saltine-crackers-2202399/




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