Love the Beast

Love the Beast is the documentary with the metaphor that entirely changed my perspective about cars. Unfortunately, I watched the film seven years after its release

The main character of the film is a car. Its Austrailian racer says the Ford Falcon was “like a campfire for me and my mates.”

I know campfires! I grew up around the campfire with my family. I’ve gathered around at least 8 campfires with friends just this summer!

We don’t sit around the campfire because we are on the Oregon Trail trying to survive, stay warm, cook food, and avoid coyotes (Though who didn’t wish they could try that when they were in fifth grade?).

We gather around the campfire for fellowship and respite. Talking, laughing, s’mores, glow sticks, relaxing, and watching the flames are completely unnecessary – but a beautiful thing!

So that’s what car people do with a car! Working on and talking about a car brings community and though it often requires hard work, the hard work is somehow relaxing and restful. I’ve begun to experience the community that comes from gathering around a car and am ever curious to learn more about these machines people love.





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