The Waiting Place

     This is a picture of the chair Kris sits in while he is waiting to drive his #8 car. This old chair serves as a refuge for my driver.

I learned something new about racing (and some spiritual truths) a few weekends ago.

There is racing.

There is waiting.

You have to have both unless you watch a race on your DVR.

However, you have to wait for the right thing in racing.

The first time we went to the local track together I missed a lot of the fun because I wasn’t paying attention during the practice and the heats. I was waiting for the feature race to begin to enjoy it. I needed to be waiting for something else.

The second time we (mostly Kris) helped a team in the pits. I unfortunately began waiting to leave for another event once the feature race began. It made all the work of the day somehow less worth it when I couldn’t enjoy the feature as much as I could have. I needed to be waiting for something else.

This time we did a lot of waiting, but it was more intentional and focused. There was waiting and practice and waiting and more practice and waiting and a heat and waiting and more waiting and then the feature. Then we did it all again on Sunday. It was all quite lovely

because it wasn’t about the race this time.

It was about my driver and car #8 and the team. We were waiting for the right thing.

There was racing.

There was waiting.

I was waiting for Kris to come off the track so I could run and see him again safe and sound and happy.*

*I actually did run back from the stands to see him, hardly cognizant that pedestrians do not have the right of way in the pits, hearing the rumble of the engines, giving a brief (but incredibly enthusiastic) greeting, and then taking the tire temperatures (that was my job).

We were waiting to hear how Kris would start in the lineups, waiting during the cautions for all the drivers to be able to return to pit road safe and sound and happy, waiting for Kris to make it another lap (I whispered “I love you” in my heart to #8 all the way around every time), waiting for the checkered flag (and then waiting to eat gluten free pizza bites from Wegmans together after the race).

If you were there, you might have caught me looking bored a little in the afternoon (oops), but after four experiences at the local track, I’m understanding the balanced relationship between racing and waiting a bit better. And, this has opened my eyes to how waiting for things in general functions.

Once when observing a preschool teacher in a setting with students with special needs I heard her say, “It’s hard to wait.” Oh, the preschoolers needed to hear that! But don’t you and I need to hear that too? It is hard to wait. Just acknowledging that difficulty makes waiting a little more bearable. But what are you waiting for exactly?

One of the passages we studied at the ladies’ retreat included Jude 20-21.

But you, dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you eternal life.

God invented some crazy useful things like storytelling, fingernails, and waiting (this is a short list).

We are all waiting for something.

  • I was going to write an example list of things we wait for here, but you know exactly what you are waiting for! I, for one, thought I was waiting and waiting to get engaged, but now I’m waiting and waiting to get married!

This verse, and many others like it, remind us to wait on the Lord. But did you know that God waits on us? He is waiting until the harvest is ready. He is waiting for us to run to Him and offers promises for those who do so.

…but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)


Margaret Feinberg writes in her book, The Sacred Echo (thanks Christen for lending the book!),

If prayer is one part speaking and one part listening, I think there’s a third part people don’t talk about as often; waiting….waiting is woven into the fabric of history. God is waiting. Creation is waiting. Humankind is waiting. We are all waiting for redemption, for everything to be put back in its proper place in relation to God…I must also face the reality that which I wait for may not always come in this lifetime….[God] invites us to place the weight of the wait on him alone….live well while waiting on him.

What if, like Kris thinks about his old, striped chair, we treated waiting as a refuge? As a place to better draw closer to God? What if we realized that we will always be waiting for something until Jesus comes? We might be able to enjoy the waiting, even though waiting is hard.

Thanks for reading! Share your comments below!

**Here’s a good song about waiting:**





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