OurGroceries – The Gluten-Free App Extension

In an effort to prepare for the advanced grocery shopping experience that I expect to come with marriage, I started using a “household synchronized” app called Our Groceries.


Check it out, along with these gluten-free items that keep leaving my fridge and going back on the list!


These chicken nuggets at ALDI  are super easy to prepare. Just a minute in the microwave and they are the perfect snack or topper to a salad!


ALDI also has this great cookie mix. Kris loves it and I can actually make him cookies! After the first time I bought it, I went back and bought 10 more boxes, just in case ALDI changed their minds about selling it. If you use real butter and refrigerate the dough before baking it’s even better! Who else slow cooks their cookie dough? Yum.


Last weekend, I spent the morning sifting through the freezer meals at Tops to see which ones were hiding in the regular section and were actually gluten-free. The hiding ones tend to be cheaper. Nothing special so far, except the Thai-Style Ginger Beef from Lean Cuisine. Oh my goodness! I just keep thinking about it. I’ve never had Thai food before and this was so sweet and flavorful. It is back on my list for when I run out of freezer meals.


Nature Valley doesn’t advertise that their Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars are gluten-free, but if you check out the nutrition facts, you will be delightfully surprised. This is my breakfast staple.

What gluten-free products top your grocery list?

Feature image from: https://pixabay.com/en/boxes-colours-food-1834416/




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