Restaurant Reviews: The Lettuce Leaf, the Good Life, and 400 Televisions

The Lettuce Leaf

I have never been more pleased with my trip to McDonalds. I was at a conference all day and we had a break for lunch. I quick googled “Gluten-free McDonalds” and found this great blog post from urbantastebud. Right away I noticed the M&M McFlurry (delicious childhood memories in the back of the mini-van) made the cut and was very curious about the lettuce wrapped burger. It’s only the bun that gets in the way! It wasn’t weird to order and the lettuce was actually very handy to hold the burger with. It’s the burger flavor you are looking for anyway. I felt good after eating and even had some French fries!


The Good Life

I 22488_specialties_cantinapowerbowlchicken_600x600went to Taco Bell last week with my mom before we went wedding shoe shopping. Usually I try to stay in the budget at Taco Bell, but this time I was more focused on the gluten-free options. Why haven’t I ever tried some of their more pricey items before? Taco Bell has a neat search tool that helps you find out what you can eat with your allergies. I chose the Steak Power Menu Bowl. It was tasty, filling, and gluten-free. My mom shared with me that anything fresco-style is dairy free. Thanks, Taco Bell!

400 Televisions

716 is sports bar that we heard about from some of our friends. Kris took me there this weekend because we wanted to try their gluten-free burgers. I got the turkey burger with avocado and he got the double burger. The burgers came with a very nice pickle and French fries. I thought the service was extremely efficient and professional and the place was quite classy with their blue bars! We will definitely be going back. The dinner was just right and even romantic.

I was quite surprised to see how many televisions they had – even the restroom trip allowed you to stay up-to-date with the Sabers’ progress! Very fancy!




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