Three Signs You Are Driving Next to an Underground Car Enthusiast

At every traffic light there is an Underground Car Enthusiast. To the average driver, the Underground Car Enthusiast is just another driver. However, the Underground Car Enthusiast has some tell-tale qualities that even average drivers can detect.

  • Does the driver appear to have an extraneous, non-GPS gadget attached to their dashboard? This may be a tune machine that helps the driver know modifiable diagnostic information about their vehicle’s every second of performance. This information goes way beyond how much gas is left in your tank and MPH and is useful in conversations with other Underground Car Enthusiasts.
  • Does the car look especially clean on the inside and out despite the road conditions? A car wash membership sticker may also be a clue here. To the Underground Car Enthusiast, a car is not just an item of utility. It is part of their identity and they know that a clean car is a more efficient and longer-lasting car.
  • Are there cars surrounding the car with a similar make and model? Surprisingly, Facebook has a wide variety of car clubs for the modern driver to join. Through these groups drivers meet up and drive their matching cars around together in an event similar to a high-speed parade that is actually quite thrilling. (I’ve been to three of these meet-ups and the parade is definitely my favorite part! Unfortunately, if your car doesn’t have an active local club, you can’t really do this. When I joined the club for my car it included mostly people talking about if they should buy wheels from Walmart for their car, not an invitation to go bowling.)

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