Figs, Guava, and Free Orange Juice

Married life is good. It’s very good. Very very good.

And we are continuing our quest to eat through the alphabet of fruits and vegetables.

C is for steamed ranch cauliflower.

D is for dates. They look like turds. So do figs (F). I laughed when I opened them! But they taste like candy! Kris hasn’t tried them yet. This is probably due to their appearance.

E we couldn’t find anything for so let us know if you have any ideas. We can do E out of order.

F is for figs (and fiber). See above.

G is for guava. I finally found it in a canned tropical fruit mix, though I’m not sure which of the cubes are which. We are eating it tonight with our grapes.

H is for HAMANN! We took this one as sort of a freebie. Let us know if you know any H fruits or vegetables.

I also skipped i

and j. Let us know. The stuff I googled seemed really unusual. Indonesian Lime? Imbe?

K is for kiwi – a favorite at fifty cents a piece.

And if you buy 2 boxes of frozen Eggo waffles this week (Kris loves the gluten free version) at Tops you get a free orange juice!

Happy trails to you! Hoping to post soon about our car and eating adventures on the honeymoon!

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