Mary Kay Meets Mothers Clay

Let’s talk skincare and car care…

at the same time.

Yep, that’s my car in the picture. It’s so shiny! As I observed my husband polishing my car yesterday, I realized it was a lot like my regular skincare routine!

I wash my face (Morning Burst soap in the shower and Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover).

We washed the car (Kris prefers Blackfire). We used two buckets to prevent contamination since my car was extra bad. I can’t remember the last time I washed it!

Next, it’s time for a facial. My favorite is from Target: Que Bella’s blue Deep Sea Mud Mask. If I have some extra time I use Satin Lips Shea Sugar Scrub on my lips. I feel so fresh afterwards!

Kris said the car needed to also be free from impurities. He chose Mothers’ California Gold Clay. You spray the car with conditioner before rubbing it with a yellow chewing gum/play dough-type substance that smells like the Big Red cinnamon gum my mom used to chew. You need to be sure to wipe off the area with a clean towel. Your car will feel noticeably smooth when you slide your finger across it! The clay bar was yucky by the end, but you can reuse them. You can see a picture of me below using the clay bar. It was actually relaxing. I have a better understanding of why Kris enjoys doing this to his cars.


The next step for the car was to use the many components of the Chemical Guy’s polishing kit. Kris got this from me – well, us – for his birthday (it’s weird buying birthday presents when you are married). This was the whole reason we were cleaning my car. The Dodge Avenger was in such rough shape there would be a noticeable transformation. You can see the “before” picture below.


I didn’t get to help with the polishing, but Kris looked like he was having fun! You could potentially take the paint off your car instead of just the swirls and scratches if you aren’t careful. As I watched, my car became much more reflective like a mirror! It almost didn’t look like my car!

I would compare the polishing step to either using a makeup sponge called a Beauty Blender (so cute, springy, and colorful!) or Neutragena’s Wave battery operated facial cleanser. Both make your face feel happy and sort of look like the tool Kris was using!

Finally, the car was ready for a wax by Meguiar. I thought this part smelled like berries. Imagine that! Car stuff smelling good. You pour the tan colored wax on a sponge. You rub it into the car. Then you wait five minutes before wiping it off. This made the car so reflective!

Car waxing reminded me of the primer I use before putting on foundation. It makes your face feel very flat and smooth and is totally worth it. My cousin April recommended that I start using it and I fell in love with the product. She is a go-to person for makeup stuff and did an awesome job on my wedding face!

On the windows we used some hydrophobic stuff (It makes the car Afraid of water!) from Meguiar. Kris didn’t really like it, but I thought it was awesome when we drove through the rain. The water droplets could hardly stay on my car!

They always say, “your eyes are windows..,” so on my actual eyes I use Deep Brown eyeliner and sometimes add a little eye shadow, usually with some purple in it. Occasionally, I use mascara too. Below is a picture of me after my first Mary Kay party where I learned how to do eye makeup in 2014. My eyes are squinting because I’m laughing, so you can’t really see, but you can tell it was really fun!


To finish on the car, we did some touch-up paint. I had a few rust spots starting. My dad’s been telling me to do this forever. He will be proud.

The silver touch-up paint reminded me of the foundation (TimeWise Luminous-Wear Liquid Foundation) and blush I use. I apply my foundation with a beauty blender (discussed above) and my blush with a Kabuki brush.

We hope you enjoyed this mixed metaphor about caring for your skin and car! Please comment with your favorite products!!!

Some of the other products I use on my face that didn’t fit with the car…


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