Marriage on Roller Skates

My grandma shared a story with me recently about how she was once learning how to roller skate. Her mom heard her scream and came running out of the house, but the scream was one of frustration and not pain. My grandma could not figure it out until her dad came home and made chalk marks in the driveway to show her where her feet should go.

At the Mother’s Day breakfast at our church, a young mom shared how she had asked God to show her what kind of mom to be. I was encouraged by this as a brand new wife. There are so many expectations about what a wife should be in our culture that it is hard to pick which expectations you are going to pursue. I’ve only been married like two months, and this has been a surprising distraction.

I’ve started asking God what kind of wife he wants ME to be for MY husband. This relieves me from playing mental comparison games with wives near and far, real or unreal, and helps me to focus on realistic goals and the priorities we have in our home.

In the story my grandma told, I’m the one learning to roller skate and God is the one drawing the chalk marks where my feet should go.

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