Henry Ford Builds a Church

We all know Henry Ford from history. He’s the guy that got the car thing really going. A super interesting tidbit is that his grandson sent some folks to the Le Mans race in the 1960s. Can you tell we’ve been watching a documentary about Le Mans on Amazon Prime?

Anyway, people still drive Fords today, and Henry Ford was the first car history person I thought of in relation to the precious moments I spend in my car. So regardless of how you feel about Fords (my husband owns one, but he also owns a Chevy), we can all agree that Henry Ford was instrumental in building the first cars – very exciting!

I think God was excited too about the cars. Cars are great resources for ministries and life AND nowadays, people are alone a lot in their cars – it sometimes is the only time of the day when people can sit and think while they drive. This is a great opportunity to listen and talk to God.

So that is why I’m thankful for Henry Ford. He built some cars, but now, cars (I actually drive a Dodge) can be used as sanctuaries to spend time in the presence of our Creator.

Where are you driving today?

Featured image from https://pixabay.com/en/ford-mustang-stallion-red-america-290615/


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