Roots and Recipes

I’ve been cooking dinner with Rachael Ray a lot lately. She makes some food in the morning, I record it, and then I watch it at night when I make some other food. I’m a fan. Rachael seems so down to earth. Lately, I’ve made gluten-free chicken pot pie, AMAZING venison stew (my friend’s recipe), turkey soup (Poppy’s recipe), shepherds pie, and barbecue meatballs. And check out this Banana Bread Coffee Cake (just use gluten-free Bisquick)! 

One of Rachael’s latest guests shared an inspiring analogy from his new book. I forgot who he was (pretty sure he’s famous – maybe you know him) so I had to search her site and then I found the text of his analogy here. I hope the tree analogy inspires you like it did for me! Sorry, you have to click the link.

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