Chicken Nuggets and Fantasy Racing

The Daytona 500 is the start of the NASCAR season. Yesterday we rooted for Daniel Suarez as we ate chicken nuggets. I also started a fantasy NASCAR League. Both created a more engaging experience for watching the race.

My husband, his grandfather, and several family friends got to know Daniel Suarez when he came to America from Mexico for Drive for Diversity back in the early 2000s. Drive for Diversity is a program that NASCAR created to attract minorities.

In America , Suarez fell in love with McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. This earned him the nickname “Chicken Nuggets.” Hence, we ate chicken nuggets (gluten free) while we cheered for our champion. Suarez is our guy for this year!

If you haven’t seen the commercial for NASCAR Fantasy Live yet you will be in for a laugh. I don’t know if it was the innocence of the girl doing the drafting or the genuineness of the drivers in waiting, but the commercial really made me want to try fantasy sports for the first time. The fact that it is free also was convincing.

I created my team about a half hour before the race. Next week I need to do it sooner so I can try for bonus points in guessing the pole sitter correctly (The pole sitter is the person on the start line at the beginning of the race.).

By the end of the race my team had earned 125 points. At first I thought this was good, but my overall ranking is 73,883. So there are a lot of people out there earning way more points than me. However, I felt like I was more engaged in the race because I was rooting for and tracking my “team.”

I picked Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick, Truex, Bubba Wallace, Paul Menard, and Daniel Suarez for my team. My husband told me for this race it’s really anyone’s race, so next week I will need to do little more research than just going off what I know (I do know more than I did when I first started racing, but not much in the area of driver stats).

Our family generally dislikes Bush, but I picked him because I know he wins a lot. Unfortunately, he crashed so I only got 12 points from him.

I picked Suarez because he is our guy. Unfortunately he also crashed early on and only scored us 1 point. I think I will keep picking Suarez until I run out of the number of times I can pick him.

I placed Danica in the garage for the first part until Suarez crashed. This was her last race in the NASCAR series and she is pretty cool. Later, she crashed too, so I only got 2 points for her.

I picked Truex because he was the champion last year. I really liked the race last year where he won because of the excellent communication he had with his crew chief. His team has a pretty cool story of stuff they overcame to win. He did pretty good in the race and earned me 30 points.

Bubba Wallace is new this year to racing. He’s friends with Suarez and a social media guru/sensation. My husband was watching one of the videos he posted where he is just hanging out in his trailer and then goes over to another driver’s trailer to give him a beer. He has the charisma of interacting with fans down! For being new, Bubba finished in second place and got me 39 points!

Next I picked Paul Menard. Last year, I remembered hearing about a little team called the Wood Brothers that usually work really hard and do well, so I googled their team. At first I got them confused with Furniture Row because often furniture can be made out of wood. LOL. Furniture Row is associated with Truex. My husband and father-in-law enjoyed a good laugh. Menard ended up getting 42 points for our team and finished sixth!

It’s lucky that Menard and Bubba finished so well because there was a big wreck, and pretty much less than 10 cars were on the lead lap at the end.

Lots of good drivers wrecked, but if you haven’t heard about the 20th anniversary magic for Austin Dillon’s win, you need to read this article.

Another kind of fun part of trying NASCAR Fantasy Live was that you can pick who you think will win each stage of the race and the make of the car that will win the race. I didn’t pick any of these correctly, but it was fun to try to figure it out to try to get bonus points. I relied on the knowledge of my husband and father-in-law to help me choose some good drivers: Harvick, Keslowski, Logano, and for the make: Ford. Logano really held on a long time, and I thought he had a good chance. Kevin Harvick’s name just makes me laugh now after the Mobile One oil change commercial.  

I’d appreciate any tips you have in the comments about fantasy racing! Thanks for reading!




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