iCeCream & iRacing

A few nights ago I was craving ice cream and we didn’t have any. However, I had bananas. I googled banana ice cream. It is so easy and delicious! You just need frozen bananas. It was so close to the real thing! I added a little vanilla and some Reeses Pieces. Yummm!!

iRacing is very similar to banana ice cream in that it is so close to the real thing! You have a steering wheel, shifter, foot pedals, and a racing seat. The physics of the air flow and temperature are the same as real race car racing. It’s our new adventure!

Unlike ice cream and iRacing, nothing can replace or replicate a relationship with Jesus. You can’t have anything that’s close to the real thing when it comes to knowing God – nothing else will satisfy. Do you have a genuine relationship with God? All you need to do to start is to start talking to Him. Ask Him to come into your life to be your friend and supporter. Tell Him you are sorry for disobeying Him and that you want a new life. Just watch what will happen. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is amazing!

Thanks for reading today!

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