Venison Meatballs and Victory Lane

Thoughts on Venison

Two weekends ago I made these delicious, gluten-free, venison meatballs! The creator of the recipe described herself as living off the land with her husband. We aren’t “living off the land,” but we have some wonderful friends who gave us a bunch of ground venison and stew meat, so I am having fun figuring out how to cook it for my husband who is a really big fan of venison! These went in the oven, formed really well due to the texture of the meat and instant rice, and had a tangy, homemade barbecue sauce. Instead of the tomato soup (which wouldn’t be gluten-free), I doubled the ketchup and added a bit more brown sugar. I also used less dry mustard because I didn’t want it to be too spicy.

If you’ve never had venison, don’t be afraid, and stop thinking about Bambi! It’s really much healthier for you than beef because of the low to almost no fat content. As long as you include some spices, like garlic, the “gaminess” flavor is not there. My only trouble is that I am not yet used to how it smells raw. The aroma is overwhelming. I feel like store-bought chicken, beef, and pork do not have a raw smell unless they have turned, but maybe your meat should be that flavorful from the start to be genuine and not so processed. How do you like your venison? What are your experiences with venison? So far I’ve tried tacos, burgers, Shepard’s pie,  and just straight with a little broth and garlic in the crock pot. Venison is very versatile; you just have to be careful not to burn it because it’s lacking in fat.

A New Alphabet Challenge

Today we watched Kevin Harvick** make it to victory lane in Las Vegas. I was happy I picked him for my fantasy team because of his win at such a similar track last week in Atlanta.

Some of you might remember our journey through the alphabet of fruits and vegetables about a year ago. I recorded our experiences on on the blog but left off recording at the letter K. Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions for fruits and vegetables for each letter of the alphabet! It was fun for me and my husband to try.

My next blogging and cooking challenge is to prepare a dish each week that corresponds with the first letter of the last name of the winner of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race. I hope that this will create a little fun suspense in our lives and celebrate the races. I’ve actually been surprised this season at my engagement already. I don’t know if it is due to just this season, my growing knowledge, or my fantasy team, but it is a nice feeling to be engaged in such a long television program for once!

I have a little catching up to do…

Daytona 500: Austin Dillon*** and Deviled Eggs

Kris’s family absolutely loves my deviled eggs! Kris says it is because no one ever thinks to make them, but I’ve gotten in the groove now. For Christmas, I made like 90 deviled eggs and brought them to all the parties. My cooking of the hard boiled eggs isn’t always consistent so Kris has taken over that detail-oriented task. I just used a little mayonnaise with the yolks and then sprinkle paprika over the top. I’m curious to try other varieties of deviled eggs, but why ruin a good thing? The only thing that can sort of ruin my eggs is if they flip over in transit. Sometimes I just make them at the party. My mom has a super cute dish that holds the eggs just right for serving. I want one like that! 

Atlanta: Kevin Harvick and Hamburgers

Kris likes his hamburger with ketchup and veggie cheese (click here for a coupon you can use for coupon-doubler this week at Tops!) between two slices of our favorite gluten free bread.

I prefer my burger to be smothered with sauted mushrooms, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese between the same toasted bread.

We have a grill for our counter, but I’ve started preparing the burgers in my blue, cast-iron skillet. It makes for easier clean-up.

How do you like your burgers?

This week: Las Vegas: Kevin Harvick Wins Again!

So, Kevin Harvick is on a roll! He won last week, and he will obviously try to win next week, especially because that will be a record for him of winning three times in a row.  I’ve come up with two recipes to to try for “H” that I’ve never made before. One I will make this week, and one I will save for when he wins again.

*I considered naming the recipes as if they belong to the driver, like “Kevin Harvick’s Honey Muffins,” but obviously the driver has no place in this besides winning and I’ll give credit where it is due for the recipe.

**If you are a Harvick fan, check out this super cool hoodie on Amazon.

***If you are a Dillon fan, consider adding a little car to your collection. Kris has totally taken over the cabinet I used to display my music boxes in for his car collection. LOL. It’s okay. We’ll have a house one day where I will have a music box in every room!

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