A Recipe for the Birds

Right now I’m watching two birds devour the suet I made them. The suet was super fun to make. We’ve just been buying the suet up until now. Check out this suet recipe!

My measurements were eyeballed. I added a bit more peanut butter because I was low on lard. I had been collecting the lard from our hamburgers. I also traded out the flour for bird seed because I wasn’t sure how the birds would like our gluten-free flour. I shaped the dough into an empty suet container and left in the fridge until it was hard.

So, in honor of Bowyer* winning at snowy Martinsville, we have a gluten-free recipe for the Birds! Stay tuned to hear how my NASCAR Recipe Challenge continues after the Texas Motor Speedway!

Happy Spring, and thanks for reading! What do you do to attract feathered friends to your feeders?

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Featured Image from Kris Hamann Photography 


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