An Ocean of Distractions Part I: Are you eating plastic?

The BBC’s Planet Earth Series showcases God’s beautiful creation all around the world. Their latest episode in the Blue Planet II segment described how humans have negatively and unintentionally impacted the oceans. I believe in protecting wildlife and was glad that the BBC decided to showcase this tragedy. However, in this post and the next two, I will create an analogy between the animals described in recent Planet Earth episodes and how it’s so easy for us to get distracted from following God as we live in the world.

Romans 10:17 “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

Unfortunately, there’s a large amount of plastic waste that fills our oceans. Bottles, wrappers, and everything else floats on the surface. Some wonderful fluffy island birds are eating the plastic and feeding it to their offspring, because they have a difficult time telling the difference between the plastic and food. One scientist studies their droppings to determine how much plastic they are actually consuming. (Check out this video at 1:34)

Think about your spiritual diet. How much “plastic” are you actually consuming? Are you consuming good food (hearing from the Word of Christ) or are you just getting by with feel-good supplements that don’t actually give you any nourishment? What are you passing on to your children? Don’t get distracted by things that aren’t going to bring you restoration. I once heard author, speaker, and activist, Christine Caine*, speak on a podcast about how she could be so much more rested after spending time with God for just a few minutes than spending an entire weekend relaxing in front of the television.


*I first heard Christine Caine speak at a Women of Faith Conference where she talked about her book, Unstoppable. I ended up buying Girls with Swords at the conference instead. It’s a whole analogy about the armor of God by Lisa Bevere. I talk about the sword book in a previous post here.

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