Kyle Busch and Kitchen Systems: From Dirty Dish Frustration to Dish Cleaning Love

One of the announcers on FOX suggested a few weeks ago that they could bet money that the winner of the NASCAR race would have a “K” in his name.

  • Keselowski
  • Kevin Harvick
  • Kyle Busch
  • Kurt Busch
  • Kyle Larson
  • Kasey Kahne

That’s good odds. These are all good drivers.

When I started my Victory Lane Recipe Challenge a few weeks ago, I didn’t consider how often I would be trying to cook with “K.” Stay tuned for some adaptations of my challenge…

So, this week, Kyle Busch won in Texas. It was cold which made the track less grippy for the car tires. There were lots of wrecks. Texas was Kyle’s first win of the season, and we all know that Kyle likes to win. My husband said that Kyle really wanted to beat Kevin Harvick because he had lost to him before this season.

My NASCAR fantasy team didn’t do that great, but I didn’t really have a system this week. I just picked the drivers really quick with no plan.

Speaking of not having a system for my fantasy team selections, I recently realized that I needed to improve  the system for doing dishes in our kitchen.

And because “kitchen” starts with “K” like “Kyle Busch” I will be writing about kitchen systems today instead of a recipe for the Victory Lane Challenge. But let me tell you, my new kitchen system for doing dishes has basically changed our lives.

Doing dishes up until this point in our apartment has been really frustrating. Let’s be honest, the dishes pile up until there are enough dishes to wash. Unfortunately, with a one basin sink (who else has this situation?) one has to unpile all the dishes from the sink before washing them. Then, in addition to washing, you have to juggle the dirty dishes along with the drying dishes. You know how it is. We have a dishwasher, but, even with multiple solutions and remedies, it does not score a consistent 100% on it’s dish washing report card, so one has to rewash a lot of the dishes, and one can’t really do that if the sink is full. Finally, we are super thankful for all of our wedding gifts and gadgets, but they keep falling out of the cupboard, so putting dishes away has been more frightening than anything.

We’ve decided to do the dishes every day, which really does help, but I was still frustrated.

My husband has taught me the value of researching things. Currently we are researching fresh water fish aquariums, but more on that later. I clicked over to Apartment Therapy (a very fun website to browse) and also googled dish washing techniques. Soon, I was equipped with tons of knowledge about washing dishes in small spaces.

I would imagine my transition from frustration to euphoria about the dishes would be comparable to Kyle Busch’s attitude as he finally crossed the finish line in Texas.

From Dirty Dish Frustration to Dish Cleaning Love

First, I bought a storage tote and packed up all of the kitchen gear we have in the kitchen that is really meant for our future house.  I’m looking forward to opening the tote someday in a big kitchen! (I’m also looking forward to getting a puppy when we get a house, but more on that later). Less dishes in the cupboards means less to wash and less to juggle when putting the dishes away!

Next, I bought a smaller storage tote and labeled it with my sharpie, “Dirty Dishes.” This goes on the tiny counter and holds our dirty dishes now instead of the sink. This frees up the sink. It also doesn’t clutter the counter because if I need the counter for my crockpot or meal prep, I can just put the tote on the floor. Even if the tote gets too full, we are only putting 1-2 dishes in the sink before we get around to washing, so it’s so much better! This also allows any “bad” dishes coming out of the dishwasher to be able to go right into the sink. All this has increased the turn-around time of the dishes making the crud less solidified and easier to wash too.

I’ve also been trying to use less dishes. Kris and I can share a breakfast plate – it’s so cute to share when you are married! (Aw.) I can also minimize the measuring cups and bowls I use for making things like banana bread (thanks, Aunt Tracy!) by planning ahead and reading the recipe. I love our plates, by the way: Scarlet Fiesta Ware! 

The only other change I made was to my dish soap. I always thought, “It’s just dish soap – let’s go cheap.” This is a bad idea. The cheap dish soap is watered down and not as effective as a more concentrated, awesome brand. Bad dish soap has resulted in me trying to clean my dishes with peanut butter which is so weird and hard to explain. I think I heard that idea from a radio announcer.

Finally, thinking about washing dishes as an act of worship (“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” Colossians 3:23) makes everything better. This was Bernie’s suggestion from church. I was always sad because the sink didn’t have a window to look out of over it, and it was facing away from the television and living room, but turn on some music or a sermon, and I can wash away.

Maybe (probably) you already knew all this about dishes. Maybe not. Thanks for reading though!

What are your dish washing strategies? I’d love to hear!











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