Paraphrase Later


Our aquarium is flourishing!

You wouldn’t have dreamed the ecosystem would recover after our move in July. All the creatures were jostled about in just a little bit of chaos.

Kris could tell you more specifically about all the work and time he has put into it (the exact species of fish and corals, the water cycling through the pipes, the water testing, the research, the rock structures, the hours spent fussing with the lights and the levels).

But now, the corals are alive with color – reds and purples and greens of all textures. The blue and yellow fish swim in and out, each with a special job just for each creature. Here and there you will see a snail cleaning the glass, or a shrimp cleaning another fish, the kleptomaniac sea urchin carrying objects around, or maybe even the fish we named Grandpa cleaning the rocks.

Just like the creatures in the aquarium, we too have settled in to North Carolina.

The world here is alive with color. Even though it is February, the plants and birds are alive with Spring! Our boxes are long since unpacked. We’ve hung pictures on the walls, and even rearranged the furniture a few times. We can find our way to the grocery store and work and church without a GPS. The faces around us have become familiar friends:)

We have jobs to do that are just for us. Kris fixes the machines, and I teach the kids. We have roles and routines. Abby makes us laugh, keeps us moving, and alerts with her barks. The birds, Chicken Little and Bubbles, sing us songs.

I can finally tell you we are flourishing in our new city!

In fifth grade we’ve been working on paraphrasing during reading. Paraphrasing is basically putting what you read into your own words to check your understanding. If you can’t paraphrase, you need to go back and reread, or ask yourself clarifying questions!

I tell my students, paraphrasing is important for reading, but you also need to be able to paraphrase that TV show you are watching in case someone comes to the couch midway through and wants to join you.

Paraphrasing is great for reading and TV. However, does anyone else feel the pressure to paraphrase their life? to be able to give a state of the state address at any given moment? I want to encourage you after this transitional season in our lives to not give in to the pressure to paraphrase.

Weeks after we moved here I wanted to paraphrase that everything was amazing! It certainly wasn’t bad, but the plot line was mostly me just fumbling about which was completely normal. Here I am seven months later finally blogging about it (alas! I’m paraphrasing my life now aren’t I?), but I couldn’t actually tell the story as it was unfolding because I was just trying to figure out where everything was in the new grocery store and learn the new traffic patterns.

So much brain power is lost in trying to figure out ALL THE THINGS when you start new! I want to encourage you not to stress about paraphrasing your transitions as they happen because that takes too much brain power too.

And so, we will end on the cliche – “Enjoy the moment.” But also, “Paraphrase later.” You will get to the season where you can look back and everything will be a story. Don’t tell it to yourself as you go along. The Author is writing and He will let you go back and reread later on so you can count your blessings:)

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

We are counting our blessings in this season.












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