My Diamond Story

“You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own ‘acres of diamonds.'” – EN

My diamond story continues to unfold. I want to share the metaphors that are becoming testimonies with you here.

There was once farmer who sold everything he had to search for a diamond mine. He was unsuccessful in his search, but the buyer of his property was overwhelmed to realize he now owned land that could be turned into the largest diamond mine on the continent.

I’ve been collecting stories about diamonds like this one about the farmer for some time.

A wealthy young woman fell in love with a poor laborer. Her father forbid them to marry unless the young man could provide a diamond ring to prove his worth. One day the daughter showed up with a diamond on her finger. The father was incredulous and demanded that she etch her name in the glass window with the diamond to prove authenticity.

Apparently, you can still visit this family’s mansion in the south to see the girl’s name etched in the glass by the diamond. The father gave his blessing for the couple to marry.

In her video series, Angie Smith relates this story to the authenticity of the Bible. God’s word is legitimate and explains the truth about us as humans – we have value because God loves us. I remember the first time this sank in. I was about seven years old learning the song Jesus Loves Me at Vacation Bible School. Afterwards I prayed with my mom deciding to ask Jesus to live in my heart. I wanted to follow Him.

A young prince from a faraway land once brought an enormous diamond to the queen as a gift. Years passed until the prince was grown. He sent word ahead of him to the queen that he wanted to have the diamond back. It was deep in the vaults. The castle keepers thought this was a little weird but they got the diamond out and ready for the prince. The prince was so glad to see the diamond. He took it right to the queen and said, “I did not know what a gift I was giving you so long ago. Now that I understand better the worth of this diamond I want to give it to you again.”

I heard this diamond story in a sermon by Pastor Haas. When I was seven and gave my life to Jesus I was so happy to do so. But 19 years later I am even more thankful and would give my heart to Jesus again.

Walking one day with my friend Katie we contemplated these diamond stories. She remembered the plethora of diamond songs.

  • Hawk Nelson has a peppy song that reminds us that God is making diamonds out of us. Diamonds are made under pressure. Look at the good work that God does in us through tough times!
  • Angels and Airwaves has a song that talks about “spread[ing] love like violence.” For all the times I listened to this song I really thought it said “spread love like [diamonds]!” Either way – a great reminder of what God has called us to do. Let’s spread love to everyone like diamonds!
  • And where do we get that love? From God Himself. NEEDTOBREATHE has a song comparing God’s love to diamonds.

If you’ve been following me you will know that I did actually get a real diamond a few weeks ago! Kris asked me to marry him under a blue sky and the moment where I said “yes!” is blissful white in my memory. The diamond he chose is sooooooo pretty and I can wear it on my hand as a reminder of the promise that my fiance will marry me in a few months. I’m incredibly excited!!!!!!! (in case you didn’t know!!!)

But getting married is the only second biggest decision of my life. Choosing to follow Jesus was the first biggest decision and continues to be a daily one. All these little diamond stories I’ve collected and shared because I want to tell you that God’s Word is authentic! His love is extraordinary!!!!!! Jesus loves you!

I hope that Jesus becomes part of your diamond story and that the diamonds you discover encourage you on your journey.

***Message your diamond stories in the comments below! I’m still collecting!


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  1. Aw, this is so cute and made me so happy today! I love it! Thanks, Allison. 🙂


  2. Sammy Gee says:

    Wow, what month will you be married? Ill tell you my diamond story in real life, we have to get together


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