What’s Missing?

For some time, whenever I would see my grandfather, he would tell me about the memories he had packed away in an old trunk – his first baseball glove, his baby clothes, his report cards, and his leather work. At Christmas I tracked down the trunk, lugging it (with help) to his side.

We opened it.

The memories were missing. The trunk was empty.

“It must have been a box,” he said.

My husband sold all of his photography equipment to help pay for our wedding. ❤️

Because we miss taking pictures together, we’ve decided to reinvest in camera equipment. The lenses came in the mail with the tripod, the filters, and the bag. But even though we ordered one, the camera body still hasn’t arrived.

Earlier this week he considered selling all the new equipment just to buy a camera body instead of waiting for the missing one to arrive.

Kris looks at his lenses, and looks at the landscapes, but he can’t capture any moments without the power of the camera body.

We’re taking the race car to church tomorrow to show the kids.

It was funny to the parking attendants that we’d show it without the engine.

Our friend volunteered to sit in the engine bay and make engine noises, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

The engine is missing, and the car has no power without it.

In Ephesians 6, Paul writes about the armor of God. He compares different parts of the soldier’s protective gear (helmet, breastplate, belt, shoes, shield) to aspects of the Christian walk that protect us (salvation, righteousness, truth, the gospel of peace, faith). Beyond the protective gear of the soldier, Paul includes the gear that gives power to the soldier – the sword. He compares the sword to the Spirit, the Word of God.

Let’s make sure we aren’t missing the power of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through scripture! Without using that power it’s like our Christian lives are a car without an engine, a photography equipment collection without a camera body, or an empty trunk of nothing.

I’m thankful to embrace that which God has given to protect us (salvation, righteousness, truth, the gospel of peace, faith), but we can’t forget to seek the power God brings us via His Word.

Check out the rest of Ephesians 6!


Featured Image from https://pixabay.com/en/railway-station-deco-wanderlust-1001397/


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